Exchange Pencils across the globe

The Power of a Pen

Collect pens and pencils in your community and send them across the world to schools and children in need.

What you can do

Send a small gift that can change someone's life! One pen at a time

Some children do not have access to writing utensils. You can easily help out. Collect pens and pencils, either alone or together with your friends and classmates, and send them to a school of your choice. 

We are providing addresses of schools where students could use some pens – and then it’s your turn to make the magic happen.  Thanks for becoming a very special penfriend who adds a little more color and possibility to someone else’s life.

make a difference

Fueling the future with the power of pens.
Join our global movement and be the spark of change, lighting up lives with the gift of knowledge.

Addresses for your Pen-Parcels

Schools around the world who need writing supplies

the story behind Pens of change

"They don't even have a pencil in their school? We can do something about it!"